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MASTER was established in July, 2000 as an expert trade dealer in semiconductors, dealing with sales in overseas markets with customers all around the Americas, Europe, Asia and other areas. We possess a liberating and simple work environment. The nature of our work is challenging. We seek diligent and responsible individuals who welcome challenges to join us. We seek elites to join our demanding and vibrant work environment. If you are an outstanding talent who is action-oriented and often challenges the limits of self-potentiality, you are welcome to join MASTER and grow to create excellent performance together. Win-win is our sincere principle of treating one another.
Main Products/ Service
The company engages in the purchase and sale of electronic parts from various known brands. The main electronic parts for export are IC, LCD panel, TFT, flash memory, hard disk, CPU, SRAM, DRAM, SDRAM, module, connector, relay, switch, capacitor, filter, crystal, EEPROM, EPROM, resistor, etc. Our services include: market price analysis, purchase of parts for overseas customers in need, exploring new customers and supplies, maintaining relationships with old customers, price inquiries, quotations and orders, resolving customer complaints, correspondence, pursuing account receivables, participating in exhibitions or visiting customers abroad whenever necessary and other international trade affairs. We provide our global customers with the fastest, most accurate delivery and competitive prices.
Fringe benefits and allowances
  • Dividends/ shares: (1) employee bonuses
  • Awards/gifts: (1) annual bonuses (2) cash prizes/ gifts for the 3 festive occasions
  • Insurance: (1) labor insurance (2) National Health Insurance
  • Recreation: (1) domestic travel (2) overseas travel subsidies (3) departmental functions
  • Systems: (1) performance bonuses
  • Holidays: (1) two days per week (2) special vacation/ annual leave
  • Others: (1) employee parking
  • Subsidies: (1) cash for weddings (2) parenting subsidies (3) travel allowances
We sincerely invite you to join as part of the MASTER team to create a bright future together.
For more information, please contact Nina.
Telephone: +886 2 2266 0799 or email: nina@masteru.com.tw