MASTER is an expert consignee/provider of electronic components. We have access to stocks of various kinds of electronic parts that are scarce in Taiwan and all over the world. We have more than 50,000 items in stock, providing high quality, brand new parts from original manufacturers. We build long and stable win-win partnerships with customers and provide comprehensive services by strictly monitoring every link from purchasing, transport to lead time so products will be delivered to customers on time.
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Please send a request form to our service department via E-mail or telephone.
(Tel: 886 2 2266 0799 / E-mail: pearl@masteru.com.tw)
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We will send you our quotation within 24 hours.
Lead Time
International express courier guarantees all goods are delivered to customers before or on the day of the agreed date.
We provide customers with original manufacturer products. All the electronic parts we provide are backed with a 30 day guarantee service.
T.T in advance, or Escrow.
Should the products have any quality defects, customers are entitled to free exchange or a total refund.